Responses to the UK Finch Report on Open Access research publication

By now many of you will have heard reports of the Finch Group Report (released 18 June) on expanding access to the publication of publicly funded research in the UK. Essentially, whilst recommending that such research be made freely available on Open Access (OA), it also rather weirdly suggests that it be done under so-called Gold OA arrangements, recommending that publisher revenue be switched from library subscription fees (as it is now) to author fees (or “article processing charges”). This is plainly a ridiculous and unworkable recommendation that has been heavily influenced by the publishers lobby.
You may care to read some decent responses to the report here:
David Price: Vice-Provost (Research) at University College London
I follow @openaccess_oz on Twitter to keep up with this.
There is movement at the station … (finally)

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