About Mal

Mal Booth

Mal was once the University Librarian at UTS (until late 2017).  He was formerly Head of the Research Centre at the Australian War Memorial and responsible for its library, archive and the Memorial’s web strategy. From 2006 to 2008 he curated the Lawrence of Arabia & the Light Horse exhibition which attracted almost 250,000 visitors. In late 2008 he made the first curatorial visit to a war zone by one of the Memorial’s librarian/archivists to identify, record and collect records of war from Australian forces before they withdrew from Iraq.

He likes bikes, cameras & photography, swimming, film and music.


  1. Kay Morrelle

    Hi Mal,

    Very impressed by your photos on Flickr, this blog too. I tried to comment there but decided to look for a more direct way – ended up here! Hope that’s OK.

    Mal, I’ve put your ‘Avian books 22’ on my new blog Journos Yarning – I have attributed it clearly in the photo caption info section and at the foot of my home page, of course, following your attribution requirements. My blog is a non-commercial open space for anyone doing scholarly research in Journalism, Media or Communications in Aus, NZ and the Pacific. It is a service to help researchers engage lightly and find out who’s doing what in their field. A labour of love really. I loved your shot of the books suspended, evoking knowledge and the flight of ideas, and #22 is the right shape for a header – I really do hope you won’t mind and I hope you’ll visit and have a look. (The full size thumbnail with a hyperlink to your flickr stream is at the foot of the home page too). Please say ‘Yes’….! But I’ll take it down if you prefer.

    ‘journos yarning’ http://journosyarn.wordpress.com/

    Thank you

    Best wishes

    My other blog is my journalism portfolio blog http://msksmorrelle.wordpress.com
    My own photos are at http://500px.com/KayMorrelle

    Please delete this letter if it clogs up your comments section (but visit ‘journos yarning’ first!)

    • malbooth

      Hi Kay, thanks for getting in touch. No problems at all using those images. They’re all covered by CC licenses for such purposes.
      I will check out your blog and images.

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