It Gets Better

I was reminded of the very worthwhile It Gets Better project and cause by a retweet that @mstephens7 did earlier today on Twitter. There was a fair bit of publicity around World Aids Day, but it is a project that deserves ongoing support and attention. It seems to be pretty much US-focussed, but I believe there is probably still a significant challenge in Australia for many LGBT youth, especially in remote and isolated areas where they may well feel like they are from another planet.

So I did take the pledge and I’ll consider uploading a dull video of my rather ordinary story. Will you take the pledge?
Oh, the retweet from Michael was a tweet by @JustinLibrarian who was telling us how Portland Public Library is doing something about this in their library:
So, I’ll discuss the possibilities for us to do something in the UTS Library with our Equity and Diversity unit.

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