Social media & real "friends"

One thing I’ve learnt from my brother’s recent death is the power and importance of real friends and the support they provide when you really need them. Family are very important, but they’re not enough. I have witnessed the love of my mother’s friends, my sister’s friends, my brother’s friends, my sister-in-law’s friends and benefited from that of my own. I doubt I would have survived as well in one piece without them.

Today I think we saw that the power of social media and plain old ordinary media friends is not enough. We now have a new PM and I’m glad we do. She seems like a real person and a decent one at that. She is not just a social media presence nor just the darling of our fickle media. Our previous PM started out with a big media and social media wave of support behind him, but it wasn’t enough to sustain a real support base when push came to shove. I think he neglected to build a solid base of friends who would support him through thick and thin.


  1. Mal Booth

    And furthermore, trending on Twitter isn't going to save you from much, nor will it mean that you'll be a strong or a weak PM.We should remember that the "singing fetus" trended very strongly for a long time on Twitter.

  2. Kim

    I agree you gotta have friends… and K-Rudd's deserted him very quickly in his very moving farewell the people that he felt most strongly about it seems were his staff and family which is understandable.

  3. restructuregirl

    I think your post made me realise that to make real friends you have to be willing to open up a little. It's no good doing heaps of things for people, if you remain closed to letting them see why you are doing something, or closed to talking to them about your dreams.

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