I had no energy left today. Needed to recharge, so I stayed at home.

My unit flooded with all the rain, so the carpet in the spare room is ruined and I need to get someone to fix everything on Monday. My best friend was coming to stay for a few months and now he has had to find a bed elsewhere until I can get it all fixed. I had to keep mopping the floor under the carpet on Friday and Saturday and today it started raining again, so I had to keep shutting the doors and windows I had opened to let some of the moisture out of the house.

I’ve been putting up with the leak issue for a long while now because the builder had to diagnose the source of the leak, but the torrential downpour last Friday made everything much worse than ever.

Friends had asked me out and I also should have visited various family members who are still mourning my brother’s death, but I would not have been good company today. I just had to stop and do bugger-all.

Hopefully the new week will bring a better attitude and more energy.

Oh and the image is unrelated. Just a heap of bikes I perved at in Elwood earlier this year.


  1. Penny

    ah stink that is awful about the flooding.. really mucks things up and damp carpet is just plain smelly. Ugh. If you've got contents insurance they often can get in dehumidifiers for you to help with the drying up. 😦

  2. Mal Booth

    The developer's people came in today and did more tests to find the big leak. They took away all of the wet carpet & underlay and will replace it when they're sure it is fixed. I'm happier today!

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