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What Maisie Knew – Review

This is yet another beautiful film from the Festival. It is very, very well done. A really beautiful portrayal of the impact on children of relationships, like marriage, that simply do not work or have run their time.

I will usually see anything with Julieanne Moore in it and she is brilliant as the terrible mother as you actually feel sorry for her because she keeps adding humanity to her character that makes it real. Onata Aprile is also brilliant as the six year od Maisie. You feel that she really does know what is going on around her and the film skilfully stops short of her character taking control of it all.

The additional attraction is Alexander Skarsgård and I guess I would go and watch any film with him in it, even if he was just playing a chair. He is no hero in this, just someone who also falls in love with Maisie, as well as Maisie’s father’s new wife.

It’s a must-see film if you enjoy stories like this. No special effects, no big star egos getting in the way, no 3D, no stunts or violence, just very enthralling story-telling. 5/5

The East – Review

This is a brilliant film and is bound to win many awards I would think. It does everything well. The story and characters are believable and relevant and it is beautifully shot in many different locations. I loved the way it held back pushing the storyline in your face (just in case you were not keeping up) and how it grabbed your attention from go to whoa. It contains some really beautiful moments, particularly those that illustrate complex relationships between different people and also deals with the ethics behind “eco-terrorism”. The acting is superb, particularly the leads: Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgård. See it or you’ve really missed out on something very special.

Oh, one more thing, it is almost worth going just to see and hear the short piano piece played by the Dr on an old piano in the hide-out. Superb! 5/5