The Tribe – review #sydfilmfest

So I decided to provide my review in a manner similar to the way the film was presented, with no dialogue, nor any subtitles for the Russian sign language.

The first paragraph is presented in the form of my written impression of the Russian sign language:                                                                                  .                                                                      .                                 !                                                                                    .                                                                  ;                                                                            ?

The second paragraph was going to be a long winded and repetitive set of points on exactly the same subject that would be really annoying and pointless to read, but I decided not to put you through that after all. (Unlike the film.)

The following 27 paragraphs are just more of the same. Work it and try to stay awake as this will take some time.

There is no concluding paragraph. I just could not be bothered.

Don’t read the critical self-indulgent reviews. In my opinion it isn’t radically new and pure expression, this film is a dud. 1/5

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