Vincent – review #sydfilmfest

This film from France moves along at a gentle pace and effectively holds a fair bit back. There is very little dialogue, and the director, screen writer and lead actor Thomas Salvador pulls this off really well. Set in the French country side, some of the visuals are stunning. Our hero Vincent is blessed with super powers when he is wet, so there are several scenes of him doing amazing things in lakes. I have no idea how they pulled off the special effects. Maybe Thomas Salvador actually has super powers?

Vincent meets and falls in love with a local girl Lucie who has a big personality, and she played very well by Vimala Pons. Vincent and Lucie share some really beautiful scenes. The film also has an excellent and very imaginative chase scene, but I cannot give it away by saying more. If there is a fault, I think the ending is a little weak but perhaps the director is leaving something to our imagination. I enjoyed it. 3.5/5

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