Slow West – Review

The State Theatre in Sydney is a pretty large facility and I think we were sat way too far back in the stalls to fully appreciate the wonderful visuals in this film. The storytelling style is very different from the usual “western” and I thought that quite a few of the scenes were almost surreal. Deliberately so in my opinion.

At 84 minutes it is not a long film and I think it wastes some time setting up too much of a mood and developing characters who were not that complex. This left some flat spots and made the film, as a friend of mine said, rather episodic. It greatly improves towards the end as it gathers pace and heads to its conclusion. I am not sure the visual joke in the penultimate scene was really needed, but I still laughed along with it and as I said, I think the film makers enjoyed being different.

The acting by the main characters played by Kody Smit-McPhee, Michael Fassbender and Ben Mendelsohn is solid.

I thought it was above average, but I was expecting more and it wasn’t consistently good, so just a 3/5.

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