Love Eternal – not reviewed

This year I organised a fairly large group of friends to purchase tickets for the Sydney Film Festival. Together we purchased around 80 tickets. Some of us are seeing more than 10 films, others just a handful. I was surprised that nobody else wanted to see Love Eternal. After the film was introduced by the bloke who programmed the “Freak Out” selection I realised that I’d not fully read this film’s description in the programme. I was expecting something completely different because I’d only skimmed the description. Love Eternal is largely about necrophilia.

I should have walked out, but I sat in hope. For me, it wasn’t entertaining, nor about finding love. Almost half way in I really wanted to walk out, but I was sat in the middle of the centre block of seats and I didn’t want to disturb those either side of me. It wasn’t that the film was badly made or poorly acted, it was just the subject matter. Suicide and death I can deal with in films, but not necrophilia. This wasn’t a funny zombie film, it was all quite serious and I’m afraid that if this kind of thing actually happens, I don’t need to know about it. Unfortunately the film became one of those what’s-seen-can’t-be-unseen moments. Hopefully I’ll eventually manage to forget it.

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