In Order of Disappearance – Review

This violent action comedy from Norway is very well done. It lasts for almost two hours, but there are no flat spots and it moves along at a great pace. It really is laugh-out-loud funny.

The violence begins with the assassination by over-dose of an innocent young man who is a colleague of another soon-to-be-a-casualty who steals some drugs from a Norwegian drug lord (The Count). This soon leads to Nils, the father of the young man, embarking on a long path to avenge his son’s death. Fortunately the movie keeps a running scoreboard marking each death as they mount up steadily as a result of the father’s actions and a war that develops between the Norwegian and Serbian drug lords.

One of the best laughs comes from the kidnapped young son of The Count who asks his kidnapper Nils whether he has heard of Stockholm Syndrome as Nils reads him a bed-time story.

The cast is brilliant and it is a very tightly written script that delivers almost a laugh a minute along with some terrific visual gags. If you need  a good laugh and don’t mind some violence, it is a must-see film.

My score: 4/5

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