Another new/old bike

Latest addition. It’s a 26 year old Hillman road bike with Reynolds 531 tubes rebuilt as a single speed at Deus Cycleworks. It was my first race bike.

It is kinda an eclectic mix. The big White Industries hubs provide a lot of bling, so it isn’t all black. And they nicely match the breaking surface of the Mavic rims. I am struggling up steep hills in Sydney from a standing start, so either they have too big a gear on it or I’ve been spoilt recently by all the gears on my Bianchi & Pinarello road bikes. If I get the old Allsopp fixed I’ll almost have a different bike to ride every day of the working week. It has a gold chain because they didn’t have a decent black chain in stock. Looks OK. And it still seems like a nice fit to ride.

I just have to ride with a pump, even if it is only a few km. All those years on long rides I guess. Not that I can remember them at all really. Must have been someone else …


  1. Anne Beaumont

    Hi Mel,I presume you have read 'It's all about the bike' by Robert Penn. It is the book I found most enjoyble & interesting this year.I will be in Melbourne @ the time of VALA, but have not registered myself. If you would like to catch up, let me know.Best wishes for the festive season,anneb

  2. Mal Booth

    Hi Anne, no I haven't read that, but will look for it. I'm not coming to VALA this year, but we're sending a few down there to cause havoc and mayhem. Melbin will never be the same.Season's Greetings!

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