#blogjune Music Meme

1. The album/EP/single I’m currently addicted to:
Red Riders: Drown in Colour. I’m off to see their last ever concert at the Oxford Art Factory on Saturday night too!
2. The last live music concert I went to (date too please):
The Falling Joys at the OAF last Saturday night (10 June 2011).
3. The last album I bought (or downloaded):
The Naked & Famous: Passive Me, Aggressive You
4. The next album I want to buy:
Death Cab for Cutie: Codes and Keys. See video above.
5. The next live music concert I will be going to:
The Middle East at the Metro in Sydney tonight.
6. Most memorable live performance I’ve attended:
The Cure: Reflections at the Sydney Opera House.
7. I would most like to see live in concert:

One comment

  1. Karina

    Oh no – I didn't know that Red Riders were breaking up – saw them at Homebake years ago and really enjoyed their first album.

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