NMC Horizon ANZ Emerging Technologies Summit 2010

Over 26-27 September 2010 I attended the Brisbane 2010 Strategic Technology Summit at the Edge within the State Library of Queensland. It was generously sponsored by the Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (CEIT), the University of Queensland, the State Library of Queensland, and the New Media Consortium (NMC).
The goal for the 30 or so participants was to create an action plan to advance a better understanding of the place for ICTs in Australian education and society at large; and a clearer sense of the urgency with which national, state-level, and sector-focused initiatives should be moving forward.
You can view some of the tweets in the CoverItLive window below.
This set of images on Flickr maps out what we did over the course of the summit in a visual sense. You can read more about each of the images on Flickr.

A draft communiqué is now being agreed by the participants that will form the outcome of the summit and I will include a reference to it when it is released in early October.

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