30 things meme

Thanks to @MissSophieMac, 30 things I’ve done this month besides #blogeverydayofjune:

  1. Saw the film Animal Kingdom.
  2. Visited Vivid a couple of times with friends.
  3. Bought and played with a new camera (Canon EOS 7D).
  4. Bought a new lens (Canon 50mm f1.4).
  5. Run to and from work.
  6. Rode my bike to and from work.
  7. Walked to the light rail and taken a tram to work.
  8. Eaten a lot of Max Brenner’s plain (dark) chocolate.
  9. Visited my parents and spent some time with my late brother’s widow, my niece & nephew.
  10. Spent a lot of time with old and close friends.
  11. Laughed a lot at work and at home.
  12. Eaten out in Newtown a few times.
  13. Settled my ex-partner who is now my best friend into my spare room.
  14. Cooked beef lasagne.
  15. Eaten a lot of Ken’s cooking at home.
  16. Talked and thought a lot about my late brother Murray.
  17. Was given an orchid for my front balcony.
  18. Bought another orchid for my front balcony.
  19. Endured a leak in my spare bedroom (from the bloody neighbours!) that ruined all the carpet.
  20. Had all the carpet replaced in my spare bedroom.
  21. Started and nearly finished reading Will Davies’ Beneath Hill 60 (Ken was in the film).
  22. Went to the 17th Biennale of Sydney at the MCA (but was disappointed).
  23. Visited the One Hundred exhibition at the State Library of NSW (and was impressed).
  24. Saw some films at the Sydney Film festival.
  25. Laughed out loud during all episodes of Modern Family.
  26. Progressed our ASRS tender (with a lot of help).
  27. Started the 10,000 step Challenge with some friends at work.
  28. Eaten Yum Cha for lunch with my friends Fides at work.
  29. Coached some swim sessions.
  30. Ridden my indoor trainer a lot at home (I hate cold & wet weather riding!).

Image taken outside the Lied Library, University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2009.

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