@snailx’s film meme

How many films do you see a year at the cinema?
Probably around 30 or so. (I’ve joined the Dendy now I live so close to Newtown, so intend to see more from now on.)

What’s your favourite film(s)?
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Jesus’ Son, Magnolia, The Dreamers, Downfall, Without Limits, The Good Shepherd, Wings of Desire, Mou Gaan Dou 1 2 & 3, The Ignorant Fairies, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Lawrence of Arabia, Big Wednesday, Donnie Darko, Fargo, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Latter Days, Lords of Dogtown, An Englishman Abroad, and A Single Man.

Who is your favourite director?
Don’t really have one, but I liked what Tom Ford did recently with
A Single Man and have a lot of respect for David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia & many others).

How do see most movies (eg tv, cinema, download, dvd)?
Cinema and DVD.

Do you think 3D movies will be a fad…again?

What film do you hate the most?
Avatar. Absolute rubbish.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Porn & the films of Ashton Kutcher.

Who is your favourite film reviewer?
I suppose I like the reviews of Margaret Pomeranz & David Stratton because they usually give you different perspectives. There is also Paul Byrnes in the SMH and I read his reviews most Saturdays.

How many times have you seen The Sound of Music?
Several & enough.

Name a film, or films, you’ve seen multiple times?
The Sound of Music, The Great Escape, Star Wars, Gallipoli, Field of Dreams, Magnolia, Lawrence of Arabia, On Golden Pond, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Big Wednesday, & probably several others, but I cannot remember them all.

Have you ever yelled comments at the screen in a cinema? (…did people laugh?)
Not since uni and I cannot remember.

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  1. geomancer

    I had a mental blank with the film meme…until I read your post, many of your favs I really enjoyed too, thanks for the assistance…I'm off to do the film meme for todays post

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