An update & some analysis

I think that some people may have wondered why I put my brother’s eulogy up on this blog about a month ago. There seems to be a lot of online tributes these days elsewhere, although they sometimes get ruined by idiots on Facebook, and I think that posting it has helped my grieving.

I talked it over with my sister very seriously before we decided to go ahead and in retrospect I believe it was a good idea. There were a lot of folk who simply could not make it to the funeral service and we decided that we wanted more people to know about him because he was such a decent and modest man.
I looked at Google analytics this morning and it has had 304 views since it went up. It has had 244 unique views (& therefore about 60 repeat views) and the average time spent on it was just under six minutes. These figures are both on the high side compared to the usual for my run of-the-mill posts.
Maybe I should apologise for continually mentioning his loss, but grief is such an all consuming thing that it still dominates most of my thoughts and activities. What has helped me is coming to work as much as I could and spending time with family and friends. The people at work have really been wonderfully supportive and my friends have offered very helpful advice.
The image is from a Deus bike swap meet I attended with my brother last year. Muz loved Colnagos.


  1. justgirlwithshoes

    Your blog is your space… you should use it for whatever purpose you choose. Go for it. Others can choose to read or not. I wish I had been blogging when my mother passed away 18 mths ago. At the time it would have been a welcome release.

  2. Penny

    I agree – it is your space.I appreciated reading it.When my grandpa died I made a scrapbook page about him which helped me reconcile myself to the idea of his death. His was the first death in my close family, the first dead person I had seen and so it helped me to look back at photos of him as a boy, a young man, a newly wed husband, Dad etc etc. Telling the story in whatever way is appropriate at the time is part of remembering and honours the person who has gone.

  3. CW

    I think blogging about your loss and grief also helps others who are reassured that what they are feeling is not wrong or strange. It's something we all have to go through and for me it's an honour when someone wants to share their experience and sadness. There's not much anyone can do but be there for you, and my being there is only virtual, but if it helps some, then I am glad.

  4. restructuregirl

    Lots of people (me included) can't talk about our grief, or strong emotions. It is SO helpful when others do. Makes grief feel more normal, and manageable for those of us sitting quietly. I'm not surprised you've had more hits on that post.Thankyou.I'm sure there are many people who knew your brother who couldn't make it to the funeral. Putting the eulogy up online offers them some sense paying their last respects.

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