A collection of thoughts

It has been raining on and off for ages in Sidknee.

I don’t like riding or running when it is wet and cold.
I bought a new red and white umbrella.
I should not complain as Sidknee weather is actually pretty mild.
There is a mystery leak in my house that is ruining the carpet in the spare bedroom.
I’ve been riding indoors watching recorded shows and DVDs.
I watch a lot of Vampire and crime flicks.
Then I walk to the light rail and catch a tram to work.
I like the light rail.
I miss having my bike in my office, but don’t know why.
I listen to music while walking and check email and Twitter on the tram.
Currently I’m enjoying the new Cloud Control and Midnight Juggernauts albums.
My walking track is so dark at night that I’m now taking a torch with me.
I think the walk in the weather is a good reminder of the benefits provided by shelter at home and at work.
I’m lucky.
My friends at work have been fantastically supportive since my brother’s death.
Friends surrounded me at a talk yesterday.
I’m very lucky.
Inclement weather seems more appropriate for grieving.
Soon I think I’ll be able to concentrate enough to read books again.
That doesn’t mean I’ll ever finish them.
I think they are getting closer to finding the source of the leak at home.
When you have a leak in your house you don’t enjoy the sound of rain as much.


  1. MissSophieMac

    I'm loving Cloud Control too! Also can't sem to stop listening to The XX and Beach House. Beautiful post. I can lend you some more Vampire movies, TV and books when and if you need.

  2. Penny

    Agreed- when your head is in a better place you will feel like reading a complete book again. Don't beat yourself up about not finishing stuff.I need a new boike light if I'm going to ride more to work with my new position. By the time I will leave work (5pm) it's already getting dark.

  3. snail

    It took me a long time to read again, after dad died. Just couldn't handle it – and there were a whole lot of movies I needed to avoid. And really small things would upset me lots.

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