My Hottest 100 of all time

This will be a work in progress. It is my list for the JJJ Hottest 100 of All Time. Changed, refined and added to over time until I get it right. So here we go, mind the step:

1. The Cure – A Forest
I particularly like the Tree remix from Mixed Up. A hands-down winner.

2. Massive Attack – Teardrop
A close second and on some days it is a nose in front for sheer beauty and wonder.

3. ColdPlayFix You
Loved the video clip and that amazing light ball that Chris Martin spins around on stage. Makes me emotional (not just because I want to look like Chris!).

4. Filter – Take a Picture
Brilliant rock. Amazing composition. Fantastic CD album cover too.

5. Aimee Mann – Deathly
The song that inspired one of the best movies of all time: Magnolia. She is a brilliant song-writer and has a seductive voice and an uncanny ability to use guitar riffs.

6. The BeatlesBlackbird
Are you allowed to pick the whole White Album?

7. New Order – True Faith
I was living in England when this first came out and was mesmerized by the video clip. It is impossible to listen to and stay still.

8. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – She’s Gone
With songs like this you don’t need shopping.

9. MGMTKids
Not sure it will stand the test of time, but I LOVE it now. Reminds me of another age.

10. Other contenders:
Neil YoungFour Strong Winds (he has to be represented)
Van Morrison
Wonderful Remark (one of the greatest entertainers)
Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People (I think even Mozart would approve of this)
The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony (a true classic)
Utah Saints – Something Good (this may not make it, but it is so much fun)
Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining (truly beautiful)
Falling Joys – Lock It (another that may not make the final 10, but it is a contender)
Snow Patrol – Run (the best that they’ve done)
Sting – Ghost Story (at his best)
Goldfrapp – Train (maybe, maybe not?)
Joni Mitchell – Coyote (she has to be mentioned)
Ella Fitzgerald
Mack the Knife (live version)
Jeff Buckley
Grace (because he has to fit in somewhere!) and
Peter Broderick
– Below It (very new, but instantly recognizable as stunning).

They are probably all of the real contenders. It would be nice to fit in some Moody Blues, Simon & Garfunkle and even some Nina Simone, but I’m already having to prune out heaps. More thinking and then some pruning back to maybe a 120% list tomorrow. (Last updated 9.50 pm on 1 June 2009.)


  1. Belinda

    I like your list Mal, some great contenders in there for sure.I too am struggling to whittle down my list, how do I leave out any of these greats artists, and some of them have several songs I am yet to decide between -The Beatles – Come TogetherSilverchairCrowded HouseNina SimoneDavid BowiePowderfingerNirvanaJohn Lennon EelsBen HarperPaul KellyThe PixiesThe Dirty ThreeNeil YoungTom Waits – Get Behind the MuleJoann NewsomeBjorkRufus Wainwright – HallelujahHolly ThrosbyJoy Division – Love Will Tear Us ApartNick Cave Elliot Smith

  2. Mal Booth

    Sorry for the late approval of your comment Belinda. Another great list, but really, Joy Division won last time with LWTUA, surely they cannot win twice? And that comes from a huge New Order fan!Nina Simone, of noooo! Another name to add to my list. I am still heading in the wrong direction.

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