Socialising browsers & Chrome

Firefox is currently my browser of choice. I use it at home on my Macs and at work (as I managed to get in before the IT crowd started regulating use of it because like many social networks, Firefox might cause chaos, anarchy and the collapse of civilisation as we know it).
Anyway, I have started using the Yoono add-on to see whether it has any benefit in “socialising” my browser to manage feeds to my networks and perhaps to other stuff like news feeds. You too can try it here.
I’ll let you know how it goes for me as I’m a really new user and still haven’t explored it much. It sounds appealing and I agree with this post from ReadWriteWeb that it might enable me to keep track of a few things that have started to clutter up my Google Reader.

There have been a lot of posts about Google’s Chrome browser, but I liked these early reflections best, from the wonderful JOHN TANgerine.

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  1. Paul Hagon

    Mal, it sounds a bit like what Flock does, but as an add-on. I haven’t really played around with Flock too seriously as it’s annoying to open yet another browser. I’ll try this and see how it works.

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