Where I work

This is just a quick vid from Animoto. I was mucking around with images and music thinking about how museums could perhaps do less interpretation and use more music to create a mood or reflective environment. I had limited choice on the backing music to this short clip, so just picked what was available, but I’ll try and find a better MP3 at home over the weekend.


  1. Darlene

    Hey Mal – I love the video. I’m going to check it out for my own purposes.It would be amazing to encourage visitors to put together videos and music that encapsulate their understanding of what the Memorial means to them. Imagine having an online competition for people to express what they think ‘commemoration’ means? Or what Anzac Day means. In fact with the 90th anniversary in November it would be great to focus on remembrance day …

  2. Mal Booth

    Great suggestion Darlene, thanks. I know our web manager, (Baldrick: you may have heard of her) so I will make an appointment to discuss this with her (hahahaha).

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