Queensland Stories: community, collections and digital technology at the State Library of Queensland

Deb Stumm, Executive Manager, Heritage Collections, State Library of Queensland
In the vast state of Queensland, the ability to create and share stories about people, places, landscapes and ecology using digital technology and the World Wide Web bridges distance and difference. The sharing of stories is the key concept around which the Queensland Stories Program has been built. The Program strongly aligns with the State Library’s new strategic priorities and positions it as a leading institution in the field of digital technology. It promotes the State Library as a centre of creativity and learning, and provides opportunities for community engagement projects as well as the creation of user generated content for the collection.
Deb showed some images of the new SLQ building and I really, really need to see it! SLQ has many other partners that they work with. Over 1 million people visit it each year now! (I think they might be interested in a small touring version of our T.E. Lawrence collection.)
Digital story-telling started at Berkley and other examples include the VHP at the LoC. ACMI also has had a program since 2004. Builds multi-media collections (i.e development!). Queensland Stories Project does just that. This kind of model is something we could follow for recent conflicts.
The Queensland Stories website, launched in June 2005, is a rich storehouse of Queensland digital stories. Digital stories can be viewed over a dialup and broadband connection on both Apple Macintosh and PC platforms. The digital stories are available in both Real and Windows Media Player formats to enhance the viewing experience.
IP issues: layers & elements; advice given to creators accordingly (esp. re music and film – use whatever is free). Looking at Creative Commons licenses as well.
Uses local champions and trainers similar to the VHP in the US. Staff and volunteers at community libraries. Stories held on local networks?

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